Our Stakeholders

An Integral part of the Ceciliyan family


Our main stakeholders

Our workforce is the key stakeholder in our enterprise. Being very much an integral part of the Ceciliyan family, it’s a well-organized team.

The workers are the ultimate beneficiaries of our forward looking management policies, which give top-billing to their facilities and benefits. This has resulted in a highly motivated, committed and contended workforce. Comprising of both field workers and factory staff that constantly yearn for maximum productivity, it is a testament to enlightened management.

On-site accommodation for our field workers and job-oriented training for all staff creates confidence and a sense of belonging. We also organize annual talent shows and get-togethers to encourage camaraderie. Most importantly, they provide our workers with opportunities to bond and relax outside working hours. Ceciliyan has provided an on-site nursery school for their children. These are some benefits out of many enjoyed by our main stakeholders.

Child labour is strictly prohibited.


Tea smallholders

‘A Study Conducted in the Ratnapura District in Sri Lanka’, on Potential High Value Horticultural Crops, Their Financial and Marketing Feasibility, 2004 by the Sabaragamuwa University, states inter alia;

Tea is the highest income earning commercial crop in the district and highly regarded by investors. A large number of tea small holders spread throughout the district particularly in the western part of the district. Given the high prices for tea in the world market tea cultivation has become a highly viable farm enterprise in the Ratnapura District.

We process green leaf from a multitude of smallholders in the Kalawana area of the Ratnapura District. Ceciliyan promotes sustainable tea production and a comfortable livelihood for tea smallholders, who are higher income earners now. Fair prices and prompt payment for their crop are truly the proof of the pudding.

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